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Down The Shore 1992-93 Sitcom-louis Mandyler-cathryn Prome-anna Gunn

dvds in johnstown, pa - down the shore; the series revolves around 3 childhood friends, aldo, zack,
and eddie. in hopes of meeting women at the jersey shore over the summer, they decided to get a
beach house in belmar, new jersey. to cover expenses, they share the beach house with 3 female
co-workers, donna, miranda, and arden. at the start of the 2nd season, miranda was written out of
the series by having a job that was too demanding, and the new female occupant of the beach house
was a woman named sammy, whom aldo once had a fling with. although the show was largely comedic in
nature, it did have 1 notable episode where aldo, a noted lothario, had been briefly hospitalized
and was awaiting the result of an aids test. this made all the renters of the beach home, while
supportive of aldo awaiting the results, mull over the fact that casual sex can come with an
expensive price. the show ran for 29 episodes over 2 seasons. the 1st episode aired sunday at 9:30
pm and the rest of the 1st season aired at 10:00 pm....

Down the Shore 1992-93 Sitcom-

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